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Think Outside The Bottle ®

Subscribe to 3C's deposit return system to receive refunds on all recycled 3C subscribed packaging & containers


The 3C system is easy to use, simply scan your 3C NFC wristband or smartphone app at any 3C POR to pair your 3C account, then scan and insert 3C containers to any 3C POR to receive your deposit back in return for containers recycled.


The 3C system is safe and secure, customers can login to their 3C account and withdraw their funds to their choosen payment source, such as paypal, bank account or grocery store app. Recycle and earn additional points on instore clubcards


3C point of recycling centres are located worldwide, click here to find you nearest 3C recycling point.

For information on 3C recycling bins please email:

3C design & manufacture custom recycling solutions based on customer requirments.

Subscribe to 3C & recycle all 3C containers - receive refunds on products recycled

What type of packaging or containers are eligable?

3C eligable products are vast, from water bottles to glass containers, just look for the 3C logo on products to see if your containers are eligable for refund, then simply process at any designated 3C point of recycling to receive a credit for containers recycled

Recycling Bottles
Recycling Plastic Bottles
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